CNH is designated as a ‘pre-existing’ home under present legislation and as such provides both shared (twin) and single room accommodation. There are 12 single and 7 twin bed rooms over two floors accessible by both stairs and passenger lift. All rooms are equipped with wash hand basin, nurse call alarm and smoke detectors.

Prior to admission, potential residents are given the choice of room type (where available).

Existing residents are encouraged to personalise their rooms and are consulted fully about decorations and furnishings.

Residents are encourage to use their rooms as much as they want, being free to entertain other residents, friends and relatives as they wish. Residents have individual keys to their rooms.


Communal areas
There is a large dining room where residents can enjoy their meals.
There is also lhomely lounge area where residents can sit and chat or watch TV, listen to music or take part in some form of activity.

within the home there is a smaller, quiet lounge where residents can go for peace and quiet or they can make use of the home's communcal computer. 

There is also an external smoking hut for resident use as the home is non smoking.

Garden/patio area
At the rear of the Home there is a spacious garden and patio area where residents can sit in the warmer months and participate in group activities.