Admission and Fees

CNH receives most of its referrals directly through social workers within social services departments of various local councils in and around the Manchester area.

After initial contact is made, all residents are encouraged to visit CNH in order to help them make their decision as to whether they feel the home is suitable to their needs. We will also undertake a comprehensive assessment so that we can be sure that we are able to fulfil all support requirements. They will be offered a 3 month trial period, following which, and on the agreement of both CNH and the resident, they may be offered a permanent place.

CNH offers each placement based on the cost of meeting the person’s needs. Therefore, our basic weekly fee is currently £721.96 which is subject to annual inflation. Additional costs may be added to this based on the assessment of needs carried out before admission. CNH reserves the right to increase fees based on the changing needs of residents following their admission, and this may be offset by Funded Nursing Care payments.