Life at Chataway

Meal times
Residents are always involved in the development and review of menus and their preferences are always taken into account with the overall desire to provide a balanced and nutritious menu. Meal times are a social occasion where staff aim to provide a flexible and unhurried event where residents can get together and chat as they eat.

Our imaginitive chef always provides additional options as well as the normal menu'sand is kept aware of the special dietary requirements of each resident to ensure that each residents needs are met.

Leisure activities
Residents are encouraged to participate, if they wish, in the activities of the day. Where necessary, changes are made to the schedule based on the expressed wishes of the residents. We have a monthly schedule of activities up on a board with trips and events planned.

As well as the regular daily activities, day trips are organised often throughout the year.

Daily routines
Staff are aware of the need for certain routines in the smooth operation of the home.  We are also aware that routines can benefit the residents, therefore, they are constantly reviewed according to feedback from residents.

Residents are encouraged to run and/or attend meetings with other residents and staff to discuss the operation of the home and how well their needs are being met. CNH is keen to maintain this focus on resident involvement in all aspects of the running of the home including staff recruitment.